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matt writes...

in "Eye of the Storm" Odin tells Goliath and Co. that "These days we don't see many gargoyles here in the Norse country..."

1. has Odin interacted with gargoyles before?

2. was there once a gargoyle clan in Norway?

3. what was Odin's connection (if any) with the Norse Clan (if it once existed)?

4. was Goliath the first gargoyle to ever wear the Eye of Odin?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. I'm not going into that now, but I think it's easy to imagine if you know Norse mythology.

4. If the answer was no, then we'd both be screwed because this question easily qualifies as an idea masked as a question. Fortunately, the answer is yes, so it's moot.

Response recorded on October 17, 2003