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Gustavo writes...

Artemis Arc ends and i feel thats the time to me do some questions

1- In Marzz Arc we see a flashback with Tim Drake with the outsiders, is that right, a Batfamily member being a public hero?
2- Also Tim's uniform changed a lot since Season3, the same season that introduced Barbara as Oracle and Spoiler and Orphan already on the team. The questions are:
2a- Tim is Robin or Red Robin currently?
2b- If the last Stephanie was a Robin before being Spoiler?
2c- She and Cassandra were Batgirl at some moment or they started already as Spoiler and Orphan?
2d- Which year these two joined the team?
3- I really love how different the show decided adapt The Killing Joke event. Barbara's accident and Jason's death are two events the audience already saw so many times that it started being previsible but the show was in a totally original route, thank you. That's bring the question, when (Team Year) The Killing Joke event happened in YJ?
4- Artemis Arc was full or photos portraits and two of them intrigued me. When and where Will and Jade took that photo with Lian and most importantly when Will took that photo with the Team 0? Rocket joined in the end of Season1 and is in the picture and after Season1 Will was desesperate looking years for Roy, also Megan is too young there then sure that is before Season2. When Will found time to take that picture?

Greg responds...

1. Yep. Keep in mind, back in Season One, Robin was a public hero. BATMAN & ROBIN, the DYNAMIC DUO! Most people don't really get that this is a different Robin, anyway.

2a. Robin.

2b. The last Stephanie? Anyway, no. Stephanie's first - and so far only - nom de guerre is Spoiler.

2c. Spoiler and Orphan. There's only been one Batgirl to date: Barbara.

2d. Feels like I answered this already, but Spoiler joined in Team Year Eight. She also resigned from the Team in Team Year Eight. She rejoined in Team Year Nine. Orphan joined the Team in Team Year Nine.

3. If you mean the event at the U.N. when Batgirl was injured, it occurred in Team Year Eight.

4. That photo of the Team was taken in the Hall of Justice Library on the day - but just before - Red Arrow was officially inaugurated into the League. I mean, I shouldn't even tell you that. But all the evidence is there, including the winter clothes and the BG, so I figure it's pretty obvious.

Response recorded on May 04, 2022