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Paul writes...

"Odnu!" was amazing!

1) How old is Mary Bromfield?
2) How old is Khalid Nassour?
3) Mary mentions that she gave up (or "had to" give up) being Sergeant Marvel -- but we know that she would have appeared as Sergeant in "Satisfaction" (per your remark some time ago that she would have said "Shazam!" in this scene). Did Mary therefore give up being Sergeant Marvel after Raquel's bridal shower, rather than before that event?
4) Now that Mary has appeared, would you be able to reveal the in-universe reason for her absence in "Satisfaction", please?
5) Silly long-shot question: how old is the Phantom Stranger?

Greg responds...

1. Mary was born in 2000.

2. Khalid was born in 1998.

3. Stuff we once may have planned but didn't end up doing are NOT canon. Beyond that, NO SPOILERS.

4. Maybe. If I had one.

5. He's biologically 28.

Response recorded on May 09, 2022