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Siren writes...

Welcome back Greg! A few questions...
1.) How goes with the Gargoyles movie by Touchstone? Simply, how far into development.
2.) What does Titania whisper to Fox? (One day we'll find out somehow)
3.) If the show continued, would you might have introduced other mythology characters, such as Pegasus, unicorns, dragons, etc. If so, would they be considered New Olympians or Fay?
4.) On Bronx and Boudica (sp?), are the "dog-oyles" rare? Or do they just take longer to breed? Since we only had met two...that I can remember anyways.
5.) Did you ever consider "cat-goyles"?

So far, that's all I can think of. Thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

1. I have no new news.

2 - 5. As per our new rules, you'll have to resubmit these questions on separate posts (by common topic).

Response recorded on September 17, 1999