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traveler writes...

okay, stay calm. Mr.weisman,um greg.Alright I'm okay. First of all I would like to say that I've been wanting to talk to you for sometime, but since before I got my computer [webtv] I never had access to the web,and the location in which I live it is hard for me to get to a gathering. I have been with the show scince it first came out and am very sad that it is gone .

1.Are you currently working on a movie script? I was sort of hoping for a PG rated film , I mean most of us fans are over 12 now and we love it even more than we did when it first came out, because now we can appreciate it more.

2. would you rather have the movie be live action or animated?

3.If the movie does at least okay,would you have plans to recreate the series ? Do you think Disney would give you another chance?

4.What future plans did you have for Eliza and Goliaths relationship? Will they one day become mates.

5.If gargoyle children are raised by the whole clan, would that mean that goliath is the trios parent.

6.Did you create Sata [Timedancer] or did someone else.

7.Are the new olympians oberons children.

8.Alot of names came from the bible[David Gabriel, Eliza, just to name a few] . Is this coincidence or does gargoyles have biblical ties.

9.Is gargoyles a creationism based story or were they created by evolution.

Thamks for listening, I look forward to the day when gargoyles will be shown again.

Greg responds...

1. No.

2. I have no preference, but if you're talking about Gargoyles, they are planning it to be live action with CGI.

3. I hope so. I like to think so.

4 - 9. Sorry. Questions on separate topics, must be posted separately.

Response recorded on December 30, 1999