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stevo writes...

i found this at www.darkhorizons.com......
Gargoyles: 'AnimatorGuy' over at The Flik Spot landed this interesting bit about a project which was once ditched and now may be coming back to life:

"In 1996 there was talk of a live action version of Disney's "Gargoyles", Dean Devlin and Roland Emerich were apparently interested in helming the project, but things fell through and they decided to do "Godzilla" instead, wow, great choice! Well I can tell you that 4 years later, things are starting to heat up again concerning "Gargoyles", apparently there is actually a completed script ready and waiting! So the project is far from dead, and things may start happening sooner than we think. He tells me that everything was haulted back in '96 because the cost of creating the CG Gargoyles would have made the budget huge, but now bringing the gargoyles to life won't be so budget draining as it would of back then, so it looks like the project is far from dead!"

Greg responds...

I've seen this before, and I believe I've commented on its innacuracies. Check the archive.

Basically, the Touchstone people didn't like Devlin's script. Or so they told me. They never stopped developing it. Certainly not because of CGI costs. They've gone through a number of writers. Six that I can name. They have a new writer now, but no script. They expect to get the script in October.

Response recorded on August 22, 2000