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Onha21 writes...

Hello Greg !
First, i'am a big fan of your work for years now, the author job is absolutely amazing and you are one of the best for me.
But here I have one question that torture me for weeks since I have seen the masterpiece "Spectacular Spider-Man"
If the season 3 to 5 has happened... Would Peter have left Gwen somehow and ended up with Mary Jane? I dont have to judge your answer I just want to know how I have to see the charaters now... Because one thing that I really love about what you did of Mary Jane, is letting her be a incredible character on her own, not by Pete, and I cant see this Pete with this version of Mary Jane personally, and his relationship with Gwen is for me a masterpiece and one of the major good point of the series.
Deep inside of me I hope that your plan was to do Pete - Gwen the final relationship but I'm not the author here...

With all my respect, thanks for all what you did and will do, we will continue to support you <3

P.S I search for an hour now in the respond and unrespond questions and however I try to formulate the key word of the search bar, I always end with hundreds of question, I read tens of them without fiding one like mine so sorry if this was already post and/or respond, and if it was I will be gratefull to the moderator who is reading me (thanks for this giantfull work that you did for more than 10 years) to link me this post

2nd P.S : My english is really not perfect but I did my best, French are not known for their english talent haha.

Again thanks for all <3 in the past, the present and the future.

Greg responds...

Your English is WAY better than my French, believe me. Thanks for all the kind words.

BUT... I'm not going to say what we would have done with Pete, Gwen, MJ or anyone. No spoilers is the policy around here. Sorry.

Response recorded on August 01, 2022