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Anonymous writes...

why don't we see more about the outsiders as a team and learn more about the members? it's a bit hard to connect to them..it's odd how they're made to be such a big deal in the show when we really only get beast boy's perspective

Greg responds...

Are you talking about Season Four?

They weren't the focus of the season, obviously. Instead we focused on two specific Outsiders (Superboy & Beast Boy), three members of the Team (Nightwing, Tigress and Miss Martian) and three members of the League (Aquaman, Rocket and Zatanna).

I mean the Justice League is also made out "to be such a big deal in the show" and we rarely give them time at all.

It's a show about characters. And different characters get the spotlight in different seasons. It's been that way from the beginning.

Response recorded on August 01, 2022