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Josh writes...

Simple yes or no question with no spoilers. Was Liz going to remain part of The Spectacular Spider-Man series as an important character alongside the likes of Flash? Not saying they would be a major focus, but in terms of character development and the brilliance of the series getting side characters involved with the plot, was she going to get her redemption in season 3 onwards and played a vital role? I liked the way you altered the comic book version by changing a few things (again no spoiler) and bringing a refreshing look to the character. It would be nice if you give a response that is more than just a yes or no to understand your answer, but it’s ok if you choose not to.

Greg responds...

Josh, I like how you preface this with "Simple yes or no question" and then end with "give a response that is more than just a yes or no."

Anyway, we had no plan to drop Liz Allen from the cast of Spectacular. Everyone was still going to the same high school, and no one was disappearing. Screen time always dictates that Peter/Spidey comes first, but we loved our cast and wanted to continue to explore them all. Beyond that, I won't give any details.

Response recorded on August 29, 2022