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Jimmy_Q writes...

I know that you are/were to be co-producer of the live-action movie and I also remember you saying that you'd actually have slim to nothing to do with the development/production or whatever. Still, I doubt you'd be paid to do absolutely nothing, so what, at least in general, would you be doing? Just curious...

Greg responds...

Well, I was paid originally to write a treatment with Michael Reaves that Touchstone rejected. Michael's agent negotiated the co-producer credit and back-end fees, which I believe Touchstone agreed to, to a large extent, because having us on the project offered their division some protection and/or legitimacy vis-a-vis, Gary Krisel, my boss at the time at Walt Disney TV Animation. Gargoyles, being a WDTVA property, was in Gary's bailiwick. Gary pushed Michael and I on Touchstone. So we got our deal.

Then Gary left Disney. I do not think it's coincidental that right when Gary left, Michael and I were swept aside on the project. We were told that we'd be consulted, but in point of fact we never were. I developed a decent once-a-year phone relationship with some of the Touchstone execs, who would keep me posted on where things stood. But it never went beyond that. Michael and I were paid for the (unused) work we did. And should the movie go forward into production, we would get a second check -- for doing absolutely nothing.

We also are supposed to get a very small percentage of the "net" profits (as opposed to the "gross") which if you follow Hollywood at all, probably means nothing at all.

When you think about it, no money for no work seems fair.

Response recorded on May 13, 2003