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Anonymous writes...

Questions in Regards to Earth-16's Martha Kent:

#1. Is her current full name Martha Clark-Kent; since Clark is her maiden name?

#2. Did she and her husband (Jonathan) tried to have a child of their own before Kal-El eventually came into their lives, and if so, how many times did they tried and what was the medical reason why Martha was ultimately unable to have a child?

#3. Since nothing is known at all about her own family in the comics, does she have any siblings (brothers or sisters or both) on Earth-16, or was Martha an only child in her family?

Greg responds...

1. No. Clark is her maiden name. But she did not hyphenate. Her name is Martha Kent now.

2a. No spoilers.

2b. How many times did they try? Is that a serious thought-out question? Are you seriously asking me how many times the Kents had unprotected sexual intercourse? Cuz I'm not answering that. Yeesh.

2c. No spoilers.

3. No spoilers.

Response recorded on September 21, 2022