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Anonymous writes...

For Young Justice why did you guys have damian so young? By season 4 if everyone aged right shouldn't damian be around 10-15 because during the new 52 movies he is apart of the teen titans. I guess what I'm trying to ask without spoiling the plot of the show is why wait till now to introduce damian and why at such a young age?

Greg responds...

We have NOTHING to do with the New 52 movies. Nothing. NOTHING. I mean, we don't even have a team called the TEEN TITANS. Anything relating to other media interpretations of the character is completely moot, unless Brandon or I state clearly that something is either canon or canon-adjacent to Earth-16.

Damian is a baby in Season Three. How would it make any sense for him to be 10-15 in Season Four when so little time passed between seasons.

I really can't win. Some folks complain about the time skips. You're complaining that we didn't skip 9-14 years. If we did, Dick Grayson would be somewhere between 32 and 37 years old already. Is that what you want?

As for why we started Damien out so young, it's because we want multiple generations and sub-generations of characters. Not everyone needs to be the exact same age or appearing at the exact same time.

Still, you'll note that Jonny Kent is close in age to Damian. Artur, Lian and Amistad are just a bit older, etc. So down the road - WAY down the road - that does create possibilities, at least.

Response recorded on September 27, 2022