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walkie writes...

In episode 4x11,

1. Was the version/appearance of Billy Batson seen by Mary his 2010 appearance? Or was it meant to mimic his hitherto unseen 2014-ish appearance that he would have looked like the first time he convinced Mary to stop transforming? And whichever the answer is, why did Mary/Nabu (whoever conjured the illusion) choose to make him appear that way?

2. Is there a reason besides availability that Eric Lopez voiced Billy here and not one of the previous voice actors? I thought it was good, but you could kinda tell that it was an adult trying to be a child.

3. Is the fact that she needed outside intervention (if an illusion of Billy even counts as outside intervention since she may have conjured it herself) a sign that she kinda cheated the test and was not in fact ready for the fight?

4. Previously, as far as I can find, the only descriptor given by you of the Marvel family's relationship has been that the other 3 are Billy's "three best school friends". Is there a reason beyond that that he referred to her as sis, or are they just that close of friends?


Greg responds...

1. It seems it was supposed to be his 2011 appearance. I can't remember why.

1a. Her subconscious brought forth this young version of Billy. I'll leave it to each viewer's interpretation as to why she chose that specifically.

2. In nearly ALL animation, adults play children. YJ occasionally was the exception to that rule. Robert Ochoa, the original actor for Young Billy is no longer that young, so it didn't make too much sense to bring him back and have him pretend to be young. I'm very happy with the job Eric did. And it saved us money on our budget, which is always a concern.

3. That was our thinking, yes.

4. I think I've revealed before that Billy and Mary are biological twins, separated at birth. They eventually learn that they're siblings.

Response recorded on September 29, 2022