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anon8 writes...

Hi Greg, want to start by saying I love the world building of young justice and the amount of passion you and the team have towards the shows creation, huge respect! The fact that you even take the time to interact with and respond to fans who feel entitled to have all sorts of opinions is a huge thing in itself and the way you respond and handle situations is admirable! I have a couple questions that im not sure can be answered or would warrant a no spoiler haha. Ive looked through the archive to make sure it hasn't been answered before and I don't believe it has so here it goes:

1. Is the Blue Beetle "Big Bad" of Barts time actually Jaime? Once the Reach had Jaime in captivity they might've killed him off for a new host or maybe actually found a way to put him on mode, so the identity of the human host of the tyrant of Barts time is unclear.

2. Flash´s secret identity seems to be important to him, he even has a different eye colour when in his uniform (blue) as opposed to his actual green. With Jay being a public hero with his name known, surely people must recognise him out of costume? In associating him with Bart as his guardian, it wouldn't be impossible for people to make a connection between Allens and Jay, doesn't this put their secret IDs at risk?

Thank you in advance regardless of whether the questions are answered or not. I love the show a lot and have been enjoying the first half of season 4 so far (especially all of Klarions scenes, the were incredibly chaotic hahaha). Very excited for the rest of the season.