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Aris Katsaris writes...

When did you decide that deities like Odin and Anubis were part of the same race with the 'elves'? Was it part of the original conception of the series or a later thought?

(Btw, I agree with it. In various mythologies the distinction between elves and gods is almost non-existent, so it's very reasonable.)

Greg responds...

Thanks for the support. But the question is harder to answer, because it was gradual. Keep in mind the whole concept of the Third Race (introduced with Puck in THE MIRROR) was a late addition to the concept. I think we came up with it halfway through the writing of the first season.

Including the other gods came during the writing of the second season. I definitely knew I was headed that way. But I do remember Frank and Dennis being surprised when the script for "The Gathering, Part One" included Odin, Anubis and Coyote at Avalon. By then, I was certain that was the correct way to go. But I guess I had forgotten to tell anyone.

Response recorded on December 29, 1999