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Heather N. Allen writes...

Okay, some stuff about the Canmores:
We now know that Robyn and Dingo would've married and had kids under the Monmouth name. Ditto with Jon, some unknown woman, and the Castaway name. And that the Canmore name would've died out. So...

1)What about Jason? Did he never marry, or marry and not have kids?

2)a>Who does Jon marry?
b>Is she anti-gargoyle as well?

(BTW, this next thing is more of a comment than a question, so I'm not trying to break the 'seperate topics on seperate posts' rule.)

You used to read "Bone"? How COULD you stop?! (I'm addicted, myself. I love it!) Anyway, there are two people that I REALLY admire for their ideas: Jeff Smith, for his artistic creativeness(who else could've thought up a rat creature?) as well as his storyline; and, of course, you, for combining so many legends and myths into one great believable story. I just thought it cool that one was a fan of the other. I'll have to write Jeff and find out if he's every watched "Gargoyles" ^_^

Thanx for everything!


Greg responds...

1. I don't want to answer this now.

2. Ditto.

Actually, a comment on a separate topic should be posted separately. So what if it's not a question? I may want to comment on the comment. (And come on, weren't you inviting just that.) How hard is it to post these things separately?

Anyway, I don't recall if Jeff Smith had ever seen Gargoyles. I do know that when I was a Disney TV Executive, I tried to get Jeff to work with us on a BONE series. He and I had a number of pleasant phone conversations, but ultimately, he had his heart set on a feature film. As a TV Exec, I couldn't offer that.

Response recorded on March 03, 2000