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Onil writes...

Awakening -One big comment on the mini-series

I remember my first time watching the series VERY well. After my first day of high school I came home and saw an ad for the show that was cut from the "darker" scenes used in the opening credits. I was intersested. The next Monday, I came home late and forgot about "that new cartoon I wanted to see", but caught it when I was flicking the channels. I only missed a little bit of the intro. I watched the ep and was interested in it even though it wasn't what I expected from the commercial. To be honest I DID expect it to be more Batamn-like, but i didn't care -- the "you are tresspassing scene" had me hooked.
I have to say that every surprise that was unveiled really did surprise me. I didn't expect the clan to be slaughtered, and I did think that Demona was dead -- I figured Goliath would be able to ID her remians. Seeing her behind the shadows in the doorway TOTALLY ruined that for me though, so I felt zero dramatic effect when Goliath and his true love were reunited. But I didn't really care, everything was just so well-done that everytime I watched the show, there was a unique mood that was unlike any show I had seen. Sure, the animation was amazing, but the music helped too (except in the butchered direct-to-video version).

After the mini-series was done, I wasn't sure whether or not any more eps were being shown. In Toronto, the mini was first shown on a major Canadian network (that kids never watched after school). The Fox carrier that we see started showing the mini at 7AM on weekdays, but there was no way I could wake up to watch it. I set my VCR timer and ended up seeing the same mini rerun for another 2 weeks until new episodes were finally being aired. I remember the show temporarily moving to afternoons for some of Season 2, but I know that there must've been a lot of kids out there that had no idea where the show came from. It's not the kind of show everyone could jump right into (not that I'm complaining). I just think Gargoyles got a rotten deal when it came to Canadian timeslots.

Greg responds...

That's too bad about Canada. We had some bum luck here and there. The OJ Simpson trial didn't help us either.

I'm also a big fan of Carl Johnson's evocative music for the series. But I helped edit "the butchered direct-to-video version" which as I've said many times wasn't edited for direct to video at all. Anyway, what was wrong with the music in that?

Response recorded on March 31, 2000