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Alex (Aka Aldrius) writes...

So I had a couple of questions, did my best to skim the archives to make sure they weren't repeats, but there are 1460+ questions at this moment in time so this probably won't get through until 2025 or so. (As such, I will manifest it by saying: "congratulations on a fantastic season 5 of Young Justice!" and hopefully not jinx it)

I've TRIED to word these vaguely enough that I'm not just flat out asking you for spoilers, but... best laid plans and all that.

1) So we know Green Lantern: The Animated Series is "Canon adjacent". I assume what that means is that anything that doesn't directly contradict stuff that's happened in the Young Justice television series or any of the official tie-in media (Legacy, the Comic) happened. Or very, very similar things happen.

I'm sure you've mostly just left things ambiguous enough that you can really change your mind as the situation arises
and not trap yourself into say... the Star Sapphire-Carol lore that GL:TAS used if you want to take that in another direction.

But as it is, anything to do with Razer, Hal, Aya and Kilowog on the ship (i.e. largely the battle with the Red Lantern Corps, and then the Manhunters that followed happened) is all we know for sure happened and the only thing that definitively *did not* happen, is the stuff involving Guy Gardner and John Stewart since we know their origins already in YJ. It helps that Hal Jordan has basically only had a few cameos in Young Justice, so our imaginations can really put him wherever.

Am I on the right track there?

I'm gonna be a little bold, and these questions could be answered by the 4 remaining episodes in season 4 (asking this after the first "Nightwing episode" aired) but eh.

2) Was Sinestro a Green Lantern in team year 5?
3) When would the Red Lantern Corps invasion and Manhunter battles have taken place in relation to the events of Team Year 5? Roughly.
4) Were the Justice League and the Team aware of these events or were they so far removed from Earth that they only found out about them after the fact (if at all)?
5) Has the YJ version of Carol had a run-in with the Star Sapphires?