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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

My Previous Question: In the aftermath of "Dark Nights: Death Metal ," has the Young Justice animated universe been officially designated as Earth-16 again in the DC Multiverse, or is Earth-16 still that version that was seen in "The Multiversity: The Just?"

Your Response to My Question: No idea. I just know we're Earth-16 in the Earth-16 Universe.

My Response to Your Response: I find that very odd that you and DC Comics apparently do NOT communicate with each other when it comes to multiverse-related stuff and the changes that occur to the multiverse as a result of the aftermaths of major DC Comics events (like Flashpoint and Dark Nights: Death Metal, for example). I mean, communication between both sides IS important after all; otherwise, won't things end up becoming very confusing...? This was the reason why I had previously asked you before if DC Comics has officially re-designated the Young Justice animated universe as Earth-16; because I know you've put a lot of hard work into creating this version of the DC Universe, and it is far better than the version of Earth-16 seen in "The Multiversity: The Just," which only acknowledges Young Justice as a mere video game series.