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Anonymous writes...

Hello!! I have white a few questions, so please bear with me, (if at all
possible!!) (1) Does Oberon's law of noninterference in human affairs
physically prevent the fae from interfering, or do they only risk Oberon's
wrah as a punishment? (2)Is Avalon part of Earth, a different dimension or
planet, or none of the above? Please explain this concept to me. (3) Can
alines perform "human magic"? (4) Does Castasway consider Jason Canmore a
traitor? Would he be willing to harm Jason to kill the gargoyles? (5) Are
gargoyle clans extended families or are they communities of gargoyle who
choose to live together (or both)? (6) How does Coldsteel heal itself (7)
As the coldtrio are in mechanical bodies, are they physically immortal,
(i.e. can they die of old age)? If their bodies were destroyed, could they
be brought back "on-line?" (8) What are the biological ages of the clone
clan? (9) Why do dome of the clones have structural differences, such as
Hollywood's huge fangs and underbite? (10)In City of Stone, the Wyrd
Sisters said that MacBeth and Demona share "pain and anguish", does this
include emotional pain and heartache? (11)Why was Elisa's mother in
Nigeria? (12)Are Jade and Turquesa still on Avalon? If yes, Do they live
with the Avalon clan in the castle? (13)How did Mace Malone learn abouth
the Illuminatti? (14) Why was Jack Dane in the Witness Protection Program?
(15) In Turf, Brooklyn asked Goliath when the rest of the clan would get
their world tour. Was this an oblique hint at something? (16) Would Lex
eventually have a mate/ (Any background info is appreciated!!) (17) How did
Hakon escape Wyvern in the axe? Is he now permanently gone? Thanks for your
time. Sorry if I repeated any questions already asked!!

Greg responds...

1. Both.

2. It's part of Earth, but it's location isn't reached in a three
dimensional manner. It's magic. A nexus of native Earth magic.

3. Is "alines" a typo for "aliens" like Nokkar? If so, the answer would be
that they could in theory with study and practice and the right equipment.

4. I think he considers Jason to be a victim, not a traitor. I don't think
he would intentionally hurt his brother, but as we've seen, there's a bit of
a gap between Jon's actions and his intentions.

5. Both.

6. The animation wasn't great in that scene, but the idea is that the robot
body has a small internal repair function. Mini-robots (less sophisticated
and much larger than the nanotechnology used for Matrix) enact repairs.

7. Well, is any appliance immortal? I'd say time takes it's toll on most
things, but obviously they don't age in the same way an organic creature
does. So they have a greater immortality potential. As to their restart
capabilities, that would depend on how they were destroyed, I guess.

8. In 1996, all the clones (including Delilah, Malibu, Burbank, Brentwood
and Hollywood, but excluding Thailog) were biologically aged into their early
twenties. Thailog was aged into his late twenties to match Goliath.

9. Speed-aging has side effects. Also Hollywood is biologically older than

10. Metaphorically, yes.

11. She had studied their culture, and the village had invited her to be
story teller at the festival of the Panther Queen. This was a great honor
that she had been preparing for for years.

12. No. In my mind, they eventually returned home.

13. That's a story for another day. Not a short answer question.

14. He testified against the Dracon family.

15. More of a smart-ass remark, but it was a vague foreshadowing of
Brooklyn's TimeDancer adventures.

16. Someone asked this already. See my earlier response.

17. The axe had absorbed a lot of magic. And yes, he's permanently gone. I
figure the character is now spent. (A lot of people felt he was already
spent went he appeared in Vendettas.) (GDW/1-6-98)

Response recorded on January 06, 1998