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Pyro X writes...


1) Approximatly how many drafts of a script were made for each episode?

2) Who wrote most of the episodes?

3) who approved the episodes? Was it you, or you and Michael?

Greg responds...

1. Usually, two real drafts. Exceptions abounded I believe.

2. Lots o' folk. I don't have the list with me. But take a look at the credits.

3. Well, Michael was our only story editor the first season. And one of four the second. He approved all his episodes from his writers. I approved his work. Frank and Dennis and Bob looked on too. And one or more Disney execs had to give the final go ahead. But if you're asking who was ultimately responsible for the writing side of things, that would be me. Blame me for what you don't like, cuz nothing went through without my approval.

Response recorded on July 09, 2001