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Vashkoda writes...

As I'm now looking through the notes I took during the "Research for Writers" panel at the con, I remember Reaves and the others mentioning a large board where you guys would pin up index cards with different story ideas, and then ask who wanted to write the episode for each card. They mentioned that you had cards for another Central/South America story, another Africa story, and one about the Wendigo monster.

1) Would you kindly divulge anything about these poor stories that never got made into episodes?

2) Do you still have these idea cards?

Greg responds...

2. I have all the idea cards. But some of them were nothing more than that. A notion. A thought. A word. So...

1. There aren't any STORIES extant with the exception of the Himalayas story, as I wrote that for the Marvel Gargoyles Comic Book, which got cancelled before the story could be published. The others are in varying degrees of existence in my head depending on how much brain time I've devoted to them. There's a bit more on the Korea story, as I've given thought to the Pukhan clan. But not much. Etc.

Response recorded on September 01, 2001