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Anonymous writes...

1. You said in a previous question the vial with the virus was destroyed?
How'd it get destroyed if breaking it causes the spell to be unleashed, or
can it only be unleashed on a Hunter's Moon. 2. What the blazes was meant
by Demona being on the side of the Angels. I looked all around the archive
for that question and the first two parts of THE THREE BROTHERS but didn't
find a single one. 3. Who's Kenneth I? I hope this question isn't wiped
but: was THE THREE BROTHERS a cut scene or an ep that was lost from the
original ep making? 4. Will you insert all the scenes you had to cut from
the eps GATHERING up to HUNTERS' MOON before Gorebash closes this archieve,
and any other scenes you had to cut, or are some going to be left out? 5.
I hope the question isn't wiped either but: What I meant by timeline in my
previous question is how exactly would you have started off your spinoff
serieses, like, with an introductory GARGOYLES Ep: Or in TIMEDANCER case,
FUTURE TENSE Ep, or would you have just started them giving no reasons. 6.
I hope this question isn't wiped either but: If you do the spinoffs and
then decide to conclude one, then wanted to make a Second Season for it how
would you start it back up? 7. How many years of timedancing does Brooklyn
do before he meets Katana, after he meets her but before they have
children, after they have children but before FUTURE TENSE, and after that
before returning home, or, assuming FUTURE TENSE comes first how many
before FUTURE TENSE, then between that and metting Katana, then between
when they have kids, then between when they come home? 8. How would you
have pulled off where Brooklyn shows up with a mate and two kids and keep
the show going while having a spinoff, why would the he touch the Phoenix
Gate, how would it exit the Timestream, and why wouldn't Brooklyn be able
to control it. 9. I hope this doesn't get wiped either but would Demona
ever learn about the Illuminati? Are there other secret societies besides
them, and if so, which is the strongest? Who was the first Fae? Who was the
first gargoyle? For Demona's redemption or becoming an ally, whatever you
want to call it, would that have happened in a single ep, a multiparter ep,
or started and gradually taken shape and conclusion over a series of eps?
10. Why would Yama, Dingo, the Matrix, and Robyn be considered BAD GUYS
since they're all good now? 11. What would happen if some idiot did change
the timestream?

Whoops, ignore question 11 please! I think that might've been an idea, and
I don't want the whole question wiped.

Greg responds...

1. You answered your own question. (Man, I'm feeling so redundant.)

2. I'm only guessing here, because you gave me no context, but I assume
you're referring to the proposed FUTURE TENSE spin-off series.

3. Kenneth I was Kenneth MacAlpin, considered by history to be the first
High King of Scotland. And no, I'm writing "Once upon a time there were
three brothers..." as the mood strikes me, as an ASK GREG exclusive. A lot
of the ideas were already in my head of course. And it's all based on a few
real historical facts.

4. I'll include as much stuff as I get around to including, but all the
major stuff has already been included.

5. I'm sorry, I really don't understand the question.

6. All right, quit worrying about whether your questions are going to be
wiped. Questions aren't wiped individually anyway, only posts. Gore has his
instructions and parameters. So do you, if you've read the guidelines. If
Gore wipes it, I'll never know it existed. If he doesn't than the odds are
good that the questions were o.k. If you are unsure about what is or
isn't acceptable, just e-mail Gore. As to question 6, well, you are asking
me to answer a hypothetical question based on a whole set of hypothetical
circumstances. There's nothing "real" to hang an answer of any substance
on. Sorry.

7. I haven't done the Math yet to that degree of specificity. Ask me again
some other time.

8. Again, this is all theory. We didn't know how many series if any would
be on the air. But I was prepared to have Brooklyn as the lead of TIMEDANCER
and as a member of the ensemble of GARGOYLES simultaneously. As to the
details of how the Gate operated in TimeDancer, I don't feel like revealing
that right now.

9. A lot of questions, many completely unrelated to each other, are grouped
under one number here. Please, NUMBER EACH QUESTION SEPERATELY.

10. The TITLE of that proposed spin-off was Bad Guys. It was indicative of
attitude and background of the characters, not necessarily their
immediate good/evil orientation, though Fang would be fairly slow to make a
real transition.

11. Can't be done in the Gargoyle Universe, no matter how stupid you are.
And again, Gore let the question through, so you're safe. But again,
let me make this totally clear. If you suspect that you've slipped in an
idea, than you had better erase it yourself. Gore has very specific
instructions not to edit posts. (He won't play this game: "Question 5 is
o.k. But this question 8 must be deleted." Uh uh. No way. That's not how
Thanks. (GDW/12-11-97)

Response recorded on December 11, 1997