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ThunderCrash writes...

So in a previous response you said "No, there aren't two bodies per character, with one in storage, as in Miracleman. Their bodies are transformed magically when they say, "Shazam!". But when asked about whether he would need to get two cure chips for both Billy and Captain Marvel or just giving Billy one would do the trick, you said "I'm sure they took no chances.". So did the team and justice league give him two cure chips to ensure no possibility of mind control despite only having one would do the trick simply out of paranoia. Can you explain this, I am having a little doubt whether to think of Captain Marvel and Billy as the same physical body or is it more the magical augmentation will also have the control chip in it even after the form disappears. Basically is the health and physical state of Billy Batson(fractures, mind control or just the flu) influence his Captain Marvel form(Captain Marvel having a fracture for instance) and vica versa.