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Spectacular Spider-Fan writes...

Hi Greg,

Hey Gregâ€"hope this finds you well. Had a Gargoyles question and some Spec Spidey questions.

1. Now that Gargoyles is coming back in comic book form, do you have new ideas that you didn’t think of back when you were working on the SLG comics that you plan to incorporate into the new series? Not asking for what they are.

2. Why didn’t Curt Conners test the Lizard formula on a rabbit or mouse like in the comics and other versions? It just seems a bit out of character for Curt, as a scientist, not to test the formula on another animal and to use himself as the only Guinea pig?

3. Did Curt know that Electro juiced the Lizard serum? I know he eventually found out since he basically shot down Warren in season 2 when he recommended using electricity for mammalian DNA. If he did know, again I wonder why didn’t he especially test the serum.

Hope you are well. Recently introduced Gargoyles to my best friend after he loved Spectacular and he’s really into it. Deadly Force really impressed him. Cheers!