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Secret writes...

1. Previously you said Black Canary and Static have secret identities despite not wearing masks, with the reasoning being along the lines of “it’s like Clark Kent and Superman/we want them to look like their comics versions/you just sorta have to roll with it” (sorry if that misrepresents what you really said).

With some exceptions, like Jaime being outed by the Reach or Garfield being green, is this generally true for all the public heroes who don’t wear masks? For example, would the general public not realize that Ed and Cassie are El Dorado and Wonder Girl?

2. Additionally, do characters with publicly well known identities who don’t wear masks not have secret identities? For example, does the general public know that “Zatanna Zatara the stage magician” is the same person as “Zatanna” of the Justice League?

3. How do the public superheroes without secret identities deal with the fame?

4. Since the Light already knows who all the heroes are (even the ones on the Team) at this point, is the use of code names mostly out of habit/tradition or just to protect them from common criminals (or both)?

Thank you!