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Emily The Disney Fan writes...

Hello again Mr. Weisman! Nice to see you're allowing questions to be asked again! And let me just start by saying that I Think Your Stuff is Great, Always Did! And I Can't wait to see the New Gargoyles Comics that are Coming out!

And Now here's my new Question if you don't mind

Since John Castaway is Really Jon Canmore and He KNOWS that Xanatos Brought Goliath and his Clan to to New York to Begin with, is it safe to say that Castaway Finds Xanatos Responsible for the labeled "Gargoyle Problem" of New York?

And if So, is it also safe to say that If Castaway Did somehow succeed in Destroying the Manhattan Clan, he would go after Xanatos for Bringing them to New York?

If the Question's considered a Spoiler, it's Not Intended!