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Melmoth writes...

Firstly, loved season 4. Especially Zatanna's arc.

I was very interested to see a little more about the Lords of Order and Chaos this season, and impressed by how Vandal essentially trapped the Chaos Lords by bringing up Darkseid.

Regarding the Lords, we see that they require an anchor to the physical world to affect it. Nabu has his helmet and possesses a host, whilst Klarion and Child have familiars.

1.) I was curious whether this is a pattern amongst the Lords. We've seen Klarion can choose an anchor when he's desperate. Are there those who align with Order that opt for a familiar instead?

2.) Klarion notes that the familiar chooses him, implying a mutual bond. He certainly seems attached to the idea of a cat as his familiar. Child on the other hand appears to act more strategically, choosing a diamond as her familiar. Is this a matter of preference? Klarion preferring a mutual bond with a living creature whilst Child was more practical in creating a diamond golem. Or do the Lords have different vessels suitable to their manifestation?