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P.A.G. writes...

Hi Mr. Wiseman, I hope you’re enjoying yourself and your break from answering questions on the website and hope if and/or when you return you can answer some inquiries I have?
1. How long have Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman been married?
2. Does Lana Lang exist in Earth-16 and was she a friend and/or past love of Clark?
3. When did Lois find out Clark and Superman were one and the same?
4. How did Clark learn of his Kryptonian heritage and what year did he?
5. When did Clark have his first experience with Kryptonite?
6. Does blue sunlight radiation have an effect on Kryptonians like yellow sunlight or red sunlight?
7. Did Martha Kent give Clark his first Superman suit?
8. How many light years was Krypton to Earth?
9. Is Superman also referred to as the Man of Steel?
10. What age did Clark’s powers start coming in?
11. Is Kryptonite the remnants of Krypton?