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Anonymous writes...

I know you’re probably sick of the religion discourse but I’d like to throw in something that I feel like you’re missing. We’re living in a time where fundamentalist religious minorities are taking over governments all over the world, from the US to Iran, Russia, Israel, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. people are struggling against extremist conservative regimes that use Judiasm, Chrisitianity, Islam, and Hinudism to justify their actions. While it’s not fair to blame the entire religion, reality is that people are increasingly turned off by organized religions being shoved down our throats. In America, there are inescapable Christian undertones in media and literature. People are for sure interested in exploring different identities in entertainment, including religious groups, but those shows require a narrow focus so the issues can be explored in depth. Or there’s a way to weave these things into characters without focusing on it, like they did in Moon Knight. In a show like Young Justice, I’m sorry but it comes off more like a preachy after school special. It’s shallow. Iran just murdered a woman for a strand of hair sticking out of her hijab and killed hundreds more for protesting about it. At the same time, covered women are vulnerable to hate crimes in non-Muslim countries. No matter where they go, they’re the ones suffering. If you’re going to dedicate an episode to talking about the hijab, you need to do a lot more to actually add something of value to the discussion.