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Anonymous writes...

I've been watching Spectacular Spider-Man again and I have a few questions relating to some pretty minor characters:

1) Do the various security personnel members that Tombstone employs have names? They're all so visually distinct that I figured they would but I can't find anything about it online.

2) What is Coach Smith's first name?

3) Was "Benny" meant to be the show's legally-secure version of/allusion to Ben Urich?

4) Similarly, there is a girl with pink hair in the background of various scenes set in Midtown High that reminds me of when Jessica Jones was Jewel. Was this an intentional visual nod to Jessica or am I just reading too much into things?

5) You've said that there are currently 782 characters within the world of Young Justice as of the end of Targets; do you have an exact number for how many characters there are within the world of Spectacular Spider-Man as of the end of season two?

Thank you for your time, and for your work on not just Spectacular Spider-Man, but Young Justice, Star Wars Rebels and Gargoyles too.