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Lord Sloth writes...

Here's another wild guess at the date: Father's day, 2003?
And now for the questions.
1. How does subliminal education offset the accelerated growth of clones? Does it go something like this perhaps?

Money is good!
Stop growing.
Power is good!
Stop growing.
Control is good!
Stop growing.
Profit is good!
Stop growing.
Protecting those you care for is bad!
Stop Growing.
Blackmailing people (with the exception of your father) is good!
Egon Pax.
Egon Pax!

Or was it something else?

2. Were Burbank's, Malabu's, Brentwood's, Hollywood's and Delila's fast growth turned off the same way, by programing in: "obey Thailog" and "don't thing for yourself"?

3. Who created the Elisa clone we saw in "Protection", and what happend to her?

Thanks for putting up with me once again.

Greg responds...

Closer to Valentine's Day 2004.

1. I don't understand the question AT ALL. Big "Huh?" on this one.

2. What does their accelerated growth have to do with their programming? Two separate processes.

3. What? What Elisa clone?

You're pulling my leg, aren't you?

Response recorded on February 12, 2004