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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman, I?m sorry that there are so many questions, but watching the
repeats on the Disney Channel (in England at least) has given me a lot to
think about. At the time of writing I can?t find the answers to these in
the archives, but ignore the question if that has changed or I?m wrong. 1.
How long do the New Olympians generally live for, naturally? 2. One of my
favourite shows was HERITAGE, but it is the only one that nobody seems to
talk about. A) Whatever happened to Raven? B) Would he have featured again?
3. How and when did Demona come to know that Puck and Owen were the same?
4. I might be reading too much into this, but through the first two seasons
Xanatos and Demona were the two main recurring villains. Xanatos changing
some, if not all, of his views seems to set him up to be a character on
either side, as it suits him (like Macbeth). Castaway, after THE JOURNEY,
can hardly be less than a major villain. A) Is my analysis correct, at
least partially? B) Would having two main villains driven by hate and guilt
make the stories start to seem repetitive? 5. When (ie. The year and maybe
month) would the New Olympians make themselves known? 6. In THE PRICE, out
of all the villains, why did Xanatos choose to make a robotic version of
Macbeth? He knew that the weird sisters took him away in CITY OF STONE, but
presumably didn?t know about HIGH NOON. To him, Goliath would have been
suspicious. 7. Why did Goliath not show himself when Elisa introduced the
Mutates to the Mazas? Although he is a different species, the Mazas would
probably not have noticed until he turned to stone. That way Goliath could
have had the support of the Mazas. Goliath had no problem with Derek
knowing in HER BROTHERS KEEPER. 8. Were the human gargoyles and gargoyle
Elisa how the clan would have looked had they been human or was this only
Puck?s interpretation? 9. You once mentioned that the World Tour was
?laying seeds.? What were they? New Olympians, Pendragon and Matrix for
their series, Hakon, Brod and Griff for other stories in the season and the
clan in Japan was presumably setting the stage for Katana. All these are
obvious. What about the Loch Ness Monster, Raven, Anubis, Odin, Cucullain,
the Guetamala clan and the were-panthers? 10. Was it just chance that
Demona chose to speak to Brooklyn or did she pick him knowing his
character? 11. One of the Weird Sisters mentions, in AVALON PART TWO that
the Eye of Odin was forged on Avalon. Was she referring to Odin?s birth?
12. Would there ever have been any truce or even friendship between Demona
and Elisa? Thanks for doing ?Ask Greg? and especially if you can bear all
these questions.

Greg responds...

1. They're all pretty different, but I'd guess it ranges from between 13 and
250 years.
2. Raven was present for the Gathering on Avalon, where he's currently
residing. I did have more stories planned for Raven.
3. Shortly after Puck created Owen.
4. As far as it goes, your analysis is correct. I'm not particularly
concerned about having both Castaway and Demona as villains. I wasn't
concerned about having Xanatos and Thailog as villains, and their motivations
were fairly similar. I'm making no attempt to have a quota on the number of
Major Villains, Minor Villains, Swing Characters, etc. I try to be true to
each individual and allow them to grow if they're capable of it.
5. I can't answer that. It depends on when, if ever, I get another chance
to tell their story. It's intended to be a contemporary event however, if
that's what you're asking.
6. Xanatos chose Macbeth presumably because he served as believable
misdirection. David guessed correctly. Goliath did believe that Macbeth had
a magical powder that could keep Hudson frozen in stone.
7. I don't think Goliath wanted to intrude on their moment of reunion. They
had enough to deal with, without having to hear Elisa's whole history with
the Gargoyles on top of everything else. And yes, Goliath probably could
have passed for a Mutate, but I doubt he'd want to lie to Elisa's parents,
even by ommision. Also, I'm sure Elisa had input on the decision, and as we
know, Elisa wasn't big on sharing that secret with anyone.
8. Uh... How do I answer that? Both. I mean, how would you look if you
were born a platypus? How would a mule look if he were born an anteater?
9. Yes.
10. When?
11. Maybe. Or maybe to his eye being transformed into the jeweled form we
were familiar with.
12. I'm not sure yet.

Response recorded on December 15, 1997