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Aris Katsaris writes...

Nice to have this place back up... Well here are my questions...

1. The Arthurian survivors' list (by the way I assume that fays like Oberon which are known from other stories aren't included in the seven survivors list though they were alive back then): 1. Arthur 2.Merlin 3. Lady of the Lake 4. Duval 5. The Green Knight 6. Blanchfleur 7. Morgana
2. We know about human and gargoyle attitudes towards parentage; but what's the attitude of fays concerning it? Do they raise their children collectively like the Gargoyles do? Or is it a more human-like system? Or something else entirely?

3. How long since Oberon overthrew his mother?

4. How did his father feel about it? (about the whole overthrowing business I mean)
5. I was intrigued by the maiden-mother(or atleast adult)-crone appearances of the Weird Sisters. So:
5a. Was this an intentional reference to similar maiden-mother-crone trinities in various mythologies?
5b. Did they have a particular reason for their form and apparent age in each scene? Or was it just what felt cooler to the writer?
6. Have you decided what it was that made Anubis (a normal fay originally I'd guess) be connected to death? Will you tell us anything about it?
7. Do halflings like Merlin, Fox and Alex age slower?
8. What made Oberon create the non-intervention law?
9. Would the mutates' mutation also affect their children?
10. If the Talos we saw in 'New Olympians' is the same robot, built time and again since ancient times... who had the technology back then (somewhere between 1400-1200 BC I'd guess) to build the original?
11. Angela in 'Grief' implied that Sphinxes could have been gargoyles. From New Olympians it seems that sphinxes were New Olympians. So... what were they, Gargoyles or NOs?
12. Is there faster-than-light travel in the Gargoyles Universe? Faster-than-light communications? If yes, why is Nokkar so isolated and uninformed about outside happenings?
13. How long has Nokkar been on Earth anyway?
14. Do Oberon and Titania have any children? (With each other I mean)

Greg responds...

1. Try again with eight on a separate post. See the new contest rules.
2. Every fay is different. The only custom (other than fealty to or rebellion from one's lord or lords) is no custom.
3. Saying when would reveal too much. Just saying that reveals too much.
4. Father's a whole 'nother story.
5a. Yes.
5b. It had more to do with the person being spoken to. What they expected to see. But it wasn't random.
6. Fay are tied to the pure magic of Earth. Individual fay have different "connections ", just as individual humans have different talents, etc. Anubis and other "death gods" come by it naturally.
7. Depends.
8. Relative maturity.
9. Not answering that now.
10. Well, the original was fairly primitive. I think Daedelus had a hand in it. Maybe Hephaistos too. Or a cyclops.
11. Some gargoyles may have been mistaken for sphinxes and vice versa.
12. This is so complicated. See, the problem with asking eight hundred questions in one post, is that I get exhausted and tend to just give short answers (or non-answers) to everything. Like here for example.
13. A long time, ya whipper-snapper. (Didn't I just do that joke.)
14. Titania has (as of "The Journey") given birth to two children by Oberon. Two. One male. One female. (After all the abbreviated stuff above I thought you deserved one good juicy tidbit. Hope that qualifies.)