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Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky writes...

Hi Greg. It was great meeting you again in Dallas. Great seeing Thom too.

On to the questions.

1. I was asking you about Queen Mab's form at the G99, but you never got to answer my question because we were interupted. So, what did you mean by "Mab human? That is too laugh."?

2. How does Demona get along with Samson and the rest of the cast in Gargoyles 2158?

3. What is it like for you to have so many people worshiping the ground you walk on?

4. Is the Space Spawn really the name of their race?

5. What is Jove's rank (or job) in New Olympus society.

6. At the Gathering you showed the Dark Ages pitch showing that Iago would've been allied with the Archmage. We know that Demona was his apprentace, but what does Iago have to offer him?

My Guess as to the Eight Arthurian Survivors

1. Arthur
2. Merlin
3. Lady of the Lake
4. Percival
5. Morgana la Fay
6. Nimue
7. Igraine
8. Guinevere

Greg responds...

Hey Greg, it was great to see you too.

1. Mab's not human. She's fae. In fact she's uber-fae.

As per our new rules, I invite you to resubmit your remaining questions as multiple separate posts.

Response recorded on August 17, 1999