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Tas Burrfoot writes...

1. I'm a bit confused about the Gathering. It seems to me that Oberon just wants to see his children after 1001 years of exile. So how long do they all stay there? What do they do (activites to keep them occupied, I mean)? How do they live together? I'm sure there are others like Banshee and Odin who fight constantly. How does Oberon maintain order between all these powerful fey?

1a. Which brings me to my next question: Do fey need sleep? Or food, for that matter?

2. Did the fey all make their home on Avalon before their exile? (that is, did they make their homes in the real world after or before the exile?)

2a. Will the fey go back to their homes in the real world after the Gathering? I find it hard to believe that all of these magical beings would stay on one relatively small island.

Thanks for answering all our questions,

Tas Burrfoot

Greg responds...

1. How long? Until Oberon decides to restore freedom of movement.

What do they do? I'm sure there's a lot of gaming of all kinds. Contests, competitions: athletic, mental, magical, etc. A lot of parties. Much fornication.

I'm sure there's a lot of fighting, both organized and otherwise, but Oberon has the Sisters to help him maintain order. Plus Titania, himself and quite a few other policing agents.

1a. Sleep & dreams -- yes. But not as much as you or I.

Food -- Well, every living thing needs fuel of some kind.

2. Many maintained multiple residences.

2a. Avalon is as big as it needs to be, I think. But I think that there would be a lot more back and forth if Oberon weren't insisting on banishments and Gatherings.

Response recorded on August 22, 1999