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Anonymous writes...

I would like to thank you for reading my response. I have a few
questions that have been nagging at me for a while. 1. What happened to
the clocktower after the Hunters blew it up? Was it demolished or
rebuilt? 2. Did/will the gargoyles find out that Canmore and Castaway
are the same person. 3. Did anyone at Internal Affairs wonder where Dect.
Maza was at during her "World Tour"? 4. Not to mention how she got shot?
I feel that I should inform you that you made a mistake. The assault on
the 23rd precienct was a terrorist act. Such actions are a federal
offense and the handling of these cases is under the jurisdiction of the
FBI. The NYPD CANNOT create the "Gargoyle Task Force" without proper
authorization. I find it very hard to believe that the FBI does not have a
larger role in these things. They don't take these things
lightly(believe me, I checked). Sorry for sounding picky. Thank

Greg responds...

1. It was under reconstruction during "THE JOURNEY", though I'm not sure if
that was clear in the episode. It was, at least in my mind, being rebuilt.

2. Yes.

3. I don't think there was an Internal Affairs investigation, but Elisa had
to tell Chavez something when she got back. And there was a Missing Person's
Report filed. That case was closed.

4. Elisa told them it was an accidental shooting. There was no evidence to
the contrary, so they let it pass. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that Elisa has a
fairly stellar record, not to mention that she's the daughter of a police
sergeant with an equally clean record.

And, Tim, I don't think I did make a mistake. Who said the FBI
DIDN'T get involved? I never did. I just didn't depict it. But don't tell
me that a local police force cannot create a Task Force at the drop of a
hat. The LAPD does it all the damn time. I'm sure it's no different in
NYC. They don't need the FBI's permission to launch a task force. Just
the Police Commisioner's permission (and no veto from the mayor). And don't
tell me that FBI juristiction or no, the NYPD isn't going to be very
territorial and involved in any investigation into the destruction of one of
their precinct houses. Cops get very intensive when it comes to attacks on
their own. Very intensive. Sorry for sounding prickly. (GDW/12-15-97)

Response recorded on December 15, 1997