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Airwalker writes...

I once asked "Now that Renard knows the truth about Anastasia, has it changed anything in terms of his feelings for her" to which you replied "What exactly does he know?"

So he doesn't know that Anastasia is Titania? Why not? I mean, why would Xanatos and Fox keep him in the dark about that if they already informed him about Oberon?

Wasn't he curious as to why Oberon was after Alex?

Greg responds...

This question gave me a headache. It's full of assumptions. I didn't say he didn't know that Anastasia is Titania. But is that the same thing as your initial question?

Precision. Precision. Precision.

But cutting through my obfuscation, I think that Renard will go to his grave loving Anastasia. Titania means nothing to him. That doesn't mean he doesn't know.

Response recorded on September 05, 1999