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Leong writes...

1) Is Anubis the chief Death God or something?
2) What would happen if all the Death Gods were destroyed somehow?
3) Is Osiris also a Death God, or just the Judge of the Dead, since traditionally Anubis is below him.
4) Are all of the Death Gods as careful with their powers as Anubis? In general anyway

Greg responds...

1. "Chief"? No. I guess not.
2. Destroyed? That would release a lot of energy. My guess is someone or something would rise and take their place.
3. Osiris is a Death God. But he's a johnny-come-lately to that role. Anubis is more a part of the fabric of death. Less concerned with "Who's in charge". Osiris brought rank to the table and became the boss. Anubis, I believe is non-plussed about serving, leading, whatever. (I like Anubis.)
4. No.

Response recorded on January 07, 2000