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Jackson writes...

This one came up in the CR today. You've mentioned that their was a "Ragnarok" in the Gargoyles Universe, but we know for a fact that Odin survived it. But he has been the only Asgardian truly noted on the series. So since I remeber reading in the archives that you didn't feel like posting an entire list of Asgardian survivors, how about just Thor? Does Thor still exist, or was he killed in the aforementioned "Ragnarok" or sometime after it?

Greg responds...

I'm leaning toward Thor being dead.

I'd have to come up with a damn good Thor story-idea before I'd want to compete in any way with Marvel's Thor. (A favorite of mine from my youth.) Hell, even Stargate SG-1 uses Thor. He's just been so done.

Response recorded on January 07, 2000