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Natalie Ani Nicolian writes...

Hi there, Greg! I have to take ONE little sentence to say, thanks for creating the show - and for not making me feel like a weirdo in fifth and sixth grade (to the present) for drawing strange, winged creatures and dark, shadowy figures patroling the night skies :) I hope you liked the picture I sent with Noel for you ^-^ Here's my lil' questions that have been BURNING me :)

1) When someone snatches Titania's mirror, and speaks the incantaion that Demona did in "The Mirror", is Puck REQUIRED to appear?

2) If so, supposing someone managed to snatch the Mirror from it's present place in Avalon, and spoke the incantation, would Puck have to appear, with the Spell Oberon cast upon him in effect?

3) In "The Reckoning", when Angela asked Goliath if Demona was dead, did he forget about the whole, Demona can't die unless MacBeth kills her and vice-versa? Or did he genuinely not know if she could survive that bad of an accident?

4) If Gargoyles get their strength to glide from the rays of the sun when they sleep, how can the Guatamalan Gargoyles glide if durring the day they don't sleep and harvest energy?

5) Is it true that if Gargoyles are even chipped durring their daily stone hibernation, they can't wake up?

Thanks for listening to my questions, I hope I'm not being a pain in the butt! ^-^

Greg responds...

1. If they do it right, with all the bells and whistles, so to speak. Of course, Titania's Mirror was destroyed by Demona. But Oberon still has his mirror.

2. Yes, I think so. Particularly if Puck wanted to go.

3 - 5. I'm sorry, but questions on separate topics must be posted separately.

But you're not a pain in the butt.

Response recorded on January 10, 2000