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Aris Katsaris writes...

In the original Irish myths the Banshee's voice was used to foretell rather than cause deaths. I think that would normally make her in your universe one of the fays with magical talents connected to death - a minor death goddess perhaps.

In the episode 'The Hound of Ulster' though, her voice carries a different meaning (as a bringer of death rather than as a foretelling of it) which would not make her necessarily have a greater connection with death than any other fay. However she managed to recognize which one among millions of people was the reincarnation of Cuchullain. Is that a special talent of hers (signifying perhaps that she is indeed a minor death-goddess) or is that a skill that every fay has? Your take on this?

Greg responds...

In my head, the Banshee's cry is a foreteller -- but for GARGOYLES purposes, it was an easy extrapolation to make it a weapon (and general magical tool) as well. We also wanted to get that Barghest notion of the Great Beast's howl, being a similar foreteller and so we simplified things a bit. (Hopefully not too much.)

The notion of the Banshee as a minor death goddess seems accurate to me. But it doesn't put her on Anubis' level. Lots of Children have the ability to bring death.

As for recognizing Rory, well, I think that has less to do with her connection to death than on their personal history. Recognizing him was something she'd go out of her way to do, because he posed a threat to her. (And for other reasons, that she's not even aware of yet.)

Response recorded on January 24, 2000