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LSZ writes...

Hi Greg, first I'd like to say I was always pleased greatly with the portrayal of Anubis, but Odin left just a leetle to be desired. However, some questions on the Norse myths in teh Gargoyles Universe:

1) So Thor is most likely dead. What about Loki?
2) If Ragnarok has come and gone, does this mean Jormungandr and Fenrir are dead too?
3) Hel-is this Death-goddess still (haha) alive?
4) When did Ragnarok occur?

Greg responds...

1. Haven't decided. Probably dead though. I've already got four tricksters, how many do I need?

2. Fenrir? Probably, but you never know. Jormungandr I don't recall. Who's that?

3. Probably alive, yes.

4. Ago.

Sorry, you didn't like Odin. How come?

Response recorded on March 03, 2000