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LSZ writes...

Dear Greg, some questions on the Third Race:

1) Of the fae we have actually seen so far on the show, did any appear in their true form?

2) Do they even HAVE a true form?

3) Why do Anansi and Anubis choose the form of a spider and a jackal-headed man as theri favoured appearances? Yes, I know it's because of the mythological background..but why do they like it?

4) How would a nuclear missile affect a fae? Could it do considerable damage?

Greg responds...

1. How would we know?

2. Sure. Uh... Define true...

3. Maybe those are their true forms and they're partial. Actually, I had planned (in THE GATHERING, PART ONE) to show Anansi in a more humanoid form. But we just didn't have the time to design it.

4. Sure.

Response recorded on March 11, 2000