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Aris Katsaris writes...

<Stares> There's quite a little more than the usual kind of questioning over here, isn't there? More of a discussion. Interesting... But rather than the 'shake up' commentary most are talking about, let me add my opinion on something different that was mentioned by Todd -- namely about Oberon (a fay) ruling over gods such as Odin.

On the whole I'd say that I have no problem with it - on the other hand I would have a bit of a problem if a god from a specific pantheon were to rule over all others - it might almost seem to imply that the specific pantheon and culture was more important than that of others. (I'd find it far more difficult to accept a universe where Zeus was superior to Odin for example...) Oberon and Titania from their beginnings in Shakespeare seemed more universal characters than any single mythological one; they were characters seemingly from Britain (Robin Goodfellow for example...) passing through Greece and discussing about events of India...

Greg responds...

I agree. It was one of the reasons that I made Oberon & Titania's skin Blue and Green. I didn't want to imply that white "godlings" ruled the others.

Response recorded on March 17, 2000