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Man Mountain writes...

Heya Greg, here is another question for you. We know there are the 3 races: Gargoyles, Humans, and Fae. We know Gargoyles and Humans can't mate without help and we know Humans and Fae can mate pretty easily. So the obvious question is, can Gargoyles mate with Fae and has that happened in your opinion? I can't even imagine the possibilities of such offspring that would create. At least from a human perspective, Fae/Human offspring is relatively easy to imagine: Normal Humans with a little something different (flaming hair, magic ability, whatever). But a Gargoyle and a Fae... would it work the same way? Mostly Gargoyle with a little something extra? Just wondering, thanks!

Greg responds...

Erin says: I like your question. And it's a good one too. Faes could connect to Gargoyles. And I think you have got something.

Benny, my three year old son, just came home. He says: I want to say that I love you, Daddy.

Greg says: I have great kids. I love them both. Meanwhile, I see no reason why gargs and Fae couldn't have babies together. For that matter, if a Fae was so inclined I see no reason why fae and termites couldn't have babies together.

Response recorded on June 17, 2000