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Lexy writes...

Hello again Greg:)

You know how in Cloud Fathers we see Coyote? ,the 3rd Race dude I mean. Well I know for that perticular episode he assumed the form of Peter Maza. He needed to for motivational purposes. But then later on we see him again in The Gathering Part 1 and he _still_ looks like that. I guess you could just say, "Hey, so the guy likes the look. Problem with that?", and that does work. But I was just wondering ..

1) What does his real form look like?
IE: Puck when hes NOT playing the role of Owen.

2) Has he taken a liking to that form and uses it more often then not?

3) In the episode you just kinda take it for granted that our trickster is appearing as young Peter. I mean..it had to be so for the episode. But behind all that had Coyote actually been watching and or aware of the Maza's before hand? Peter's mom and dad and such? Or did he just need that painting to be intact and quickly just assumed Peters' old form? Was he trying to remind Peter of his heritage?? Or was it just cuz??


Greg responds...

1. Kinda coyote-esque.

2. He's currently fond of Peter Maza's "Native American James Dean" look.

3. It's all in there.

Response recorded on June 26, 2000