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Nemi writes...

Hi! I'm back! Anyways, these questions are going to be on the apearences of The Lord and Lady of Avalon.

1. What's up with Oberon's broken nose? Can't he change it, or what? (I've heard a couple of theroies on this, but i want to hear it from the source.)

2. Why does Titana wear, forgive me, something so skimpy? She seems to have more self respect than that.

3. what's up with Oberon's cheek bones/ultra chiseled features? You could get a paper cut on them!

4. Did Titana always these sorts of cloaths, or is this a new thing for the Gathering?

5. Speaking of cloaths, What's up with Oberon's thigh high boots?

6. Did Titana inherit her coloration from her family or did she decide on it?

7. Is Oberon wearing shorts and thigh high boots or boots and pants that are tucked into the boots, or something completely difrent?

8. what is Titana wearing on her feet? I never got to see, even though Oberon has enough footwear for all of Avalon.

9. Did Oberon inherit his coloration from his family, or did he just decide to be blue?



I Like Anubis too.

Greg responds...

1. Oberon has a broken nose? Don't think so.

2. She's got it. She flaunts it. She's not short on self-respect.

3. I don't know how to answer this. But I don't think Oberon would appreciate these personal observations.

4. It's her style.

5. Again, how do you expect me to respond? It's a style.

6. Both.

7. He's not wearing short pants.

8. Geez. What are you wearing right now? Anyway, I seem to recall she was wearing boots.

9. Both.

You like Anubis TOO? Wow, does that mean you like Oberon & Titania? Cuz I sense a lot of hostility towards 'em.

Response recorded on July 05, 2000