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WereFox writes...

Hi Greg

Once agian I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to satisfy our enquiring minds.

Here we go. What does love mean to Titania? I'll ellaborate on what bothers me about her. We have seen in countless episodes how our villains' best and worst laid plans have gone awry because of certain factors were byond the control of the planners. Chances were taken, disaster was courted, and the scheme falls apart. With all this in mind let's consider Titania's actions.

In I'll Met by Moonlight", Titania exposes Obereon's weakness to Iron Bells to Tom and the Princess. She must have had some insite into their characters and was reasonably sure that they wouldn't kill Oberon. Still despite her fantastic judge of character, she is taking an enourmous chance here with people she hardly knows. What if Tom had to kill Oberon in self defence? Certainly she didn't want this.

Then there is The Gathering. Titania manipulates Oberon into a conflict with Xanatos that jeopardized the lives of two people she cares about. Renard might have died when Fortress 2 crashed. By the time Oberon reaches Fox and Alexander, he is clearly beside himself with anger and frustration. Who are these pitiful mortals to stand in the way of what he wants? A calm Oberon might not have taken Fox up on her "Over my dead body" vow, for fear of alienating Titania. Yet Oberon is hardly rational at this point. Again, these circumstances are beyond Titania's control. Sure things worked out for the best, but things could have just as easily goe the other way. What was she thinking in goading Oberon into this situation?

Finally, what of the many people who died in hospitals or in car accidents, when Oberon puts the entire city to sleep. Do they mean anything to her?

I congratulate you in creating so complex a character. I realize that on first viewing it might seem like Titania is on Fox's side, but as with all complex characters, the only side she is truly own is her own. Still if Titania truly cares for Oberon, Fox , her ex-husband Renard, then why does she envolve them in schemes that are so hazardous?

Greg responds...

You're assuming -- because she needed none -- that she had no contingencies planned. That's not a safe assumption. Plus, as far as "The Gathering" is concerned, you're taking her word for it that she had it all planned to go this way from moment one. She PROBABLY did. But that's not a completely foregone conclusion either.

Finally, I think that Titania is still a character in mid-evolution. You've never met the tenth century Titania. But keep in mind that in those days, she was LESS mature than Oberon, less responsible, less loving. She's grown A LOT. But let's not confuse a LOT with ALL THE WAY.

Response recorded on July 05, 2000