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Laura aka 'ad astra' writes...

This is a litle long, but it is all on one topic-

You said Fox has Half Siblings, step siblings and Foster sibs, in fact that two of them are (where?) children of Oberon and Titania [very cool]. I see people have already jumped on the foster sibs part in reference to Midsummer. I am not sure if this has been explicitly mentioned in this way so here goes-

1.Did the events of the play (in a broad way) actually happen?

2.With or without the donkey part?

3. If so did that have anything to do with the straw that broke Oberon's back?

Reads more..
4. Are you saying that the child in Midsummer might have been Oberon's?!?!?

5.Are you implying that Titania took in many, or at least some of Oberon's illegitimate offspring as foster kids?

6 Oberon doesn't seem at all bent out of shape at the idea of Titania having had kids with someone other than himself, actually rather amused-
a. was that a rare case of Oberon being mature enough to realize he was living in a glass house?
b. was he amused because Titania had not been so happy with his other children?
c. or do Oberati have very low expectations of fidelity?

7. When asked about Titania and Oberon's son and daughter you said they were new but did not seem all too sure about it. Have we met them in some shape or form seemingly totally unconnected?

8.You also said they were mythic - were they related to their parents in legend, or is that only discovered in Gargoyle's universe?

Sorry this is so long

Greg responds...

1. Broadly, yes.

2. Bottom is in there. But I won't say how.

3. Everything's connected ultimately.

4. Might. That's my new Shakespeare Theory, or one of them anyway. (I think the pedophile theory (platonic or otherwise) still may fit the play best. Haven't worked out whether it applies to the Garg Universe.

5. Not necessarily.

6. a. Not really.
b. No.
c. Probably. But fidelity wasn't an issue. Titania & Oberon were divorced when Titania married Renard and had Fox.

7. No. Not to my knowledge. (I thought I was sure.) I know who they are, but they did not appear in the first 66 episodes.

8. It's complicated. Both.

Response recorded on July 18, 2000